Education/Experience: B.S. Aerospace Engineering at UCLA
Awards/Certificates/Accolades: Judge for BotBall, Battle Bots Design Team, Judge for UCLA Ideahacks, Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity
Department Philosophy: The robotics department delivers to students the futuristic world of automation, electronics, and mechanical design through robots and lessons that are simple to understand. By combining easily accessible tools with hands-on lessons that teach design, programming logic, and simple circuits, we ensure that all students develop a thought process that allows them to face challenges and think outside the box. We also provide a team oriented environment for students to strengthen their collaboration and cooperation skills as they take on tasks that mimic real world robot uses.
Department Learning Objectives: By participating in team based collaborative exercises, students will develop communication skills, learn to express ideas, and apply the Engineering Design Process to robotic builds and electronics used in class.
Why are you passionate about education? Teaching gives a sense of accomplishment, both for the teachers and the students, and it's especially encouraging to see the students inspired by the subject material. I believe that best kind of education comes not from giving the answers to the students, but from urging them to seek answers themselves.