STAR Galaxy offers a daily dose of scheduled classes from the end of the school day until 6 PM. Students rotate through classes that may include a homework lab, math, literacy, sports/recreation, theater, dance, and other enrichment classes.

Our programs stress the importance of team-building, leadership skills, community projects and creative expression.  By stimulating both their creative and critical thinking skills, STAR helps students discover their passions and places them on a college-bound track.

STAR Offers Winter, Spring, Summer and special holiday camps. Click below to find out more.

Upcoming at Kentwood

march 26 - april 2, 2018    spring break - no school

april 3, 2018    nova session 4 classes begin

may 28, 2018    memorial day - no School

Upcoming at STAR

april 22, 2018   children's earth day

may 5, 2018   Chess Club Tournament

may 19, 2018    shoot for the stars basketball tournament

may 20, 2018   rockstar spring showcase


* Dates Subject to Change