Education/Experience: B.S. Chemistry from UCLA

Awards/Certificates/Accolades: N/A


Department Mission

The Tech and Games department endeavour to introduce kids to a wide range of games including Minecraft, Console games, and Board games in order to show that gaming is a fun and exciting way to learn new concepts and ideas and to foster positive social experiences.


Department Learning Objectives

The Tech and Games department provides various classes in order to teach students how to succeed in various subjects including but not limited to:

  • Minecraft, Console Gaming, and Board Gaming

    • Technical Specifications and Use

    • Creativity and Design

  • Internet Presence and Safety

  • Sociability and fair play

    • Good sportsmanship in competitive play

    • Collaboration in cooperative play


Why are you passionate about education?
My philosophy is there is a game out there for everyone be it a board game, sport, video game. or otherwise.  I feel that introducing kids to a wide range of games helps them to discover their passions.  Games inspire creativity, teach problem solving, foster independence, and forge strong relationships among family and friends.