STAR Galaxy offers a daily dose of scheduled classes from the end of the school day until 6:30 PM. Students rotate through classes that may include a homework lab, math, literacy, sports/recreation, theater, dance, and other enrichment classes.

Our programs stress the importance of team-building, leadership skills, community projects and creative expression.  By stimulating both their creative and critical thinking skills, STAR helps students discover their passions and places them on a college-bound track.

STAR NOVA offers exciting enrichment-based classes across a variety of disciplines, all taught by specialists in their fields.  Taking place on campus once a week, from Monday to Friday, our small class sizes allow for a more individualized experience tailored to the specific needs and interests of each student. 

From Ballet to Programming, we have you covered.  Playing with your RockSTAR band and performing at the Avalon, competing in Robotics tournaments, and yes, even learning physics through Minecraft.  The wide range of NOVA classes includes Visual and Performing Arts, Media Arts, Sports and Recreation, STEM, Culinary Arts, and much more! We pride ourselves on quality enrichment programs that prepare our students at a young age with the skills and mindsets for a dynamic future.  


Session 1: September 5 - October 27 * Session 2: October 30 - January 19

Session 3: January 29 - March 23 * Session 4: April 3 - May 25


Online Registration begins: january 19 at 1pm

STAR Offers Winter, Spring, Summer and special holiday camps. Click below to find out more.

Upcoming at el rincon

february 5, 2018     nova session 3 classes begin

february 12, 2018      lincoln's birthday - no school

february 19, 2018      presidents day - no school

Upcoming at STAR

January 21, 2018   RockSTAR Winter rockfest

January 27, 2018  cup of all stars soccer tournament

february 24, 2018    african american art festival

* Dates Subject to Change